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Alternative Rules

If you would like to submit any ideas for anything let me know.


There are more than a few variations on Palladium's Basic Rules (Sorry Maryann and Kevin :), this page is here to offer a few alternatives (hence the "Alternative Rules" title), not that you have to like or even allow them into your games. These rules are here as possibilities, not mandates. If you would like to offer feedback or advice (constructive only please) the progenitors of the rules will be credited as appropriate, please be sure to contact them regarding the rules. If you run into any problems with any rules that I have created, please contact me about them and we'll see what we can do to rectify the problem, discrepancy, or whatever you want to call it.


As of the creation of this page, there is only one set of "AltRules" that I have available:

The following set of rules by Gromek and Lore mostly make sense to me, and in fact I have begun to implement them in my own games. So far these rules have tested well, and I see no insurmountable shortcomings in the future (except for the problem with having to convert every combat related thing to the AP system). These rules are well thought out and usable... If you're willing to do a lot of initial paperwork. Once a GM gets these rules fully implemented they should prove to be almost as easy as the normal Palladium System (I say almost because there is a learning curve associated with learning a new system). Please be aware that even though these rules are geared toward Macross II and related RPGs, they can easily be reoriented toward the "mainstream" Palladium Games...

Advanced combat rules (courtesy of Gromek and Lore).

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