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The Arch-Mage O.C.C.

The Arch-Mage is probably one of the rarest and most powerful magical occupational character classes in existence, due mainly to the fact that it takes several years of absolute dedication to the learning of several semi-related forms of magic1 to become a True Arch-Mage, though once this learning is complete, the Arch-Mage will have gained the innate ability to combine a number of different magic forms into one Unified Form.

This unified form of magic can also incorporate diabolism, rune magic (though only good Arch-Mages will be permitted to learn this form of magic so that they may repair the damage done by the Splugorth and other bio-wizards), bio-wizardry2, biomancy (see Rifts South America, Arch-Mages have created a special non-mystic form of biomancy that they can use, they did this because of the great good they thought they could do with it). They can also create an equivalent to elemental magic4 with most of the same limitations as a warlock, except for the link to the elements, the need to channel the power from an elemental lord, and the requirement of choosing a life sign5. But be forewarned, any elemental6 or warlock6 that witnesses an Arch-Mage's apparent use of elemental magic without the 'consent' of an elemental lord will consider that Arch-Mage an abomination that must be removed from the face of reality.

One of the most impressive abilities of the Arch-Mage is that they are the only ones7 who can create new spells and rituals (with the above limitations), this ability is limited by the fact that the creation of spells and rituals involves a lot of time, trial, error, and sometimes even pain...

A note to all players and Game-Masters:

The Arch-Mage is an extremely powerful and flexible O.C.C. with a lot of special abilities. GMs should definitely modify it if they would like to include it their campaign but feel that it is too powerful.

One reason I created this O.C.C. was because I felt that the magical potential of the world was not being explored thoroughly enough, and that there were other character classes that had the capacity to not only cast and manipulate spells, but the innate ability to create their own.

One of the Arch-Mage's most powerful special abilities is that they can cast one spell for every point of P.E. divided by four rounded down (P.E. of 16 would translate to 4 melee actions per round) that they have, this is due to their complete understanding of magic and their ability to focus their minds faster than any other magic or 'mundane' O.C.C. which allows them to summon and use their P.P.E. , CHI, and I.S.P. (as appropriate) with greater efficiency. Also, the Arch-Mage starts with the following Chi-Mastery Abilities: Chi-Awareness, Chi-Relaxation, Chi-Defense, Dragon-Chi, Dark-Chi, Negative Chi Control, and Negative Chi Attack.

Arch-Mage's learn to focus their mind and strengthen their body through the use and learning of both Martial Arts, and Chi-Mastery. Therefore, the following guidelines apply to the Arch-Mage O.C.C. :

  1. Arch-Mages also gain 1 additional magical attack per melee at each of levels 4, 8, 12, and 16 (If you're using Gromek's AP system, this translates to 5 magical APs at each of levels 4, 8, 12, and 16).
    These magical attacks per melee do not affect the character's normal attacks per melee. The character can alternate between magical attacks and normal attacks at will. When the character runs out of magical attacks, the character can use normal attacks per melee at the standard Palladium ® Rules rate for the use of magic (as described in the various books).
  2. Arch-Mages (and only Arch-Mages) learn the art of "Long An" or literally "Dragon Harmony" which supplies the following bonuses:
    • Doubles P.P.E. (after all bonuses are totaled).
    • Doubles CHI (after bonuses are totaled).
    • Adds +5 M.E., +4 P.E., and also +1 M.A.
    • Allows them to meditate a number of hours equal to half of their M.E., fractional numbers round down. During this meditation they heal at three times the normal rate (for their species), and can recover P.P.E. , CHI, and I.S.P. at 10 (ten) times the normal rate!
    • Arch-Mages do not sleep, they rest through the above-mentioned meditation. The minimum daily need for rest is two hours of deep meditation per 24 hour period, during which they are aware of their surroundings, and can react to any perceived threats, and then return to meditation.

Special Abilities of the Arch-Mage:

Sense Ley Lines and Mystic Energy: Identical to the Ley Line Walker O.C.C. on page 83 of the Rifts® RPG.

Read Ley Lines: Also Identical to the Ley Line Walker O.C.C. on page 83 of the Rifts® RPG.

Ley Line Transmission: As the Ley Line Walker O.C.C. power of the same name but with no chance of interception or sensing for unintended targets.

Ley Line Phasing: As the Ley Line Walker O.C.C. power of the same name but Arch-Mages can handle up to eight phases per hour and up to twenty-four per twenty-four hour period plus one for every additional level of experience (i.e. 24 at level one, 25 at level two, etc.). More than this is impossible, even for an Arch-Mage.

Line Drifting: As the Ley Line Walker O.C.C. power of the same name but at a speed of 44 (30 M.P.H.)

Ley Line Rejuvenation: The Arch-Mage can absorb Ley Line Energy to sextuple (multiply by six) his rate of normal healing. To do this the Arch-Mage must concentrate and relax on the Ley Line, letting the mystic energy fill him over a period of days. The Arch-Mage can also extend this to up to one person for every two levels of his experience.
The Arch-Mage can perform an instant Ley Line rejuvenation as needed (up to four times in twenty-four hours) at the site of a Ley Line, he can extend this ability in a manner similar to the one mentioned above. In either case, he needs only spend ten minutes in order to recover all Hit Points and S.D.C., in addition, no personal P.P.E. is used in this process, it all comes from the Ley Line and ambient mystic energy.

Arcanis Spheres: The Arch-Mage can create from one to ten small, faintly glowing, semi-transparent spheres that "orbit" around him in various planes (similarly to randomly captured planetoids). These spheres can do a number of things...

  1. They can act as a normal Ley Line Observation Ball (See page 84 of the Rifts® RPG).
  2. They can be sent off as a remote spy (think of a remote controlled helicopter with audio/video capability, and you get the idea).
  3. The Arch-Mage can cast spells through them as if he were standing where they are (range of 300 feet per level of the Arch-Mage's experience), though they still rely on his number of attacks per melee (he can cast a single spell through several of them at the same time, as long as he spends the P.P.E. for each copy of the spell cast, and all additional duplicates are aimed at the same target (ouch!)). The Arcanis Spheres must be within 300 feet (plus 100 feet per level of the Arch-Mage) of each other to be able to attack the same target.
  4. The Arch-Mage does not have to be on a Ley Line to use the spheres. While he uses them away from a Ley Line, he has to spend 5 P.P.E. per minute, to maintain each one of them (i.e. if he has five of them active, he has to spend 25 P.P.E. per minute to maintain them).
  5. The Arch-Mage can create up to ten Arcanis Spheres, and no more.

Initial Spell Knowledge: As the Ley Line Walker , plus the following (from the Palladium® RPG): Decipher magic, sense magic, cloud of slumber, globe of daylight, and tongues. Plus pick two spells from each of the warlock elements (any level, but remember the warning from above), pick 5 spells from the first 6 levels of chi-magic, now pick 12 spells from any available realms of magic (i.e. stone magic, blue flame spells, necromancy, techno-wizardry, a special (Arch-Mage developed) version of biomancy (non-mystic version) temporal magic, circles, and ocean magic; also, at least 3 of the selected spells must be illusionary in nature), plus 7 Metamagic Spells (Courtesy of Bret Hegr) from tenth level or lower.

Learning New Spells: Additional spells and rituals of any magic level can be learned and/or purchased at any time regardless of the Arch-Mage's level of experience, as long as he/she can afford the price, which is not always in the form of money (evil grin). See the Pursuit of Magic (In either one of the Rifts® or Palladium® RPG books).

Magic Bonuses: +10 to save versus horror factor, +2 to save versus magic at levels one, four, seven, ten, and thirteen. +1 to spell strength at levels two, five, eight, eleven, and fourteen. The Arch-Mage starts with a spell strength of 12, just like anybody else, but if he lives long enough and gains enough wisdom in the art, his spells can become stronger than ritual magic (spell strength 17)!

P.P.E.: Like any man of magic, the Arch-Mage is a living battery of mystic energy, and he can draw on it in order to create magic. Unlike any other known magic O.C.C.s the Arch-Mage has the greatest amount of permanent P.P.E. like a mega-battery. Permanent Base P.P.E. : 6D6X10+100 plus the P.E. attribute number. Add 4D6+10 P.P.E. per additional level of experience. Of course the Arch-Mage can draw P.P.E. from ley lines, nexus points, and other people when needed (but they tend to rely on themselves, whenever possible, and they view using energy from any kind of sacrifice as tainted magic, so they refuse to use such sources, no matter what their alignment is).

Attribute Requirements: I.Q. 20 M.E. 20 P.E. 16

Alignment: Any, though Arch-Mages tend toward the honorable alignments (Good, Unprincipled, and Aberrant). The Arch-Mage will not use sacrifices to power his magic, and only the Anarchist and Evil ones will even consider a Magic Specialization in Necromancy, Bio-Wizardry, or Summoning (Circles or Spells).

O.C.C. Skills:
Native Language/Literacy Native Language 98%
Speak and read two additional languages (+30%)
Cloaking (+20%)
Principles of Magic (+20%)
Climbing (+10%)
Navigation: All (+10%)
Astronomy (+25%)
Two Pilot Skills (+20% each)
Three Lores (+25% each)
Math: Basic and Advanced (+20% each)
Two Pilot Related Skills (+10% each)
Three Technical Skills (+20% each)
One Espionage Skill (+25%)
One Domestic Skill (+5%)
Radio: Basic (+10%)
Cryptography (+10%)
Wilderness Survival (+25%)
Spellcrafting (+15%) Can't be taken twice as Spellcrafting, but can be taken as Circlecrafting, Wardcrafting... (I intend to link Spellcrafting to it's Home Page when I know the address...)

O.C.C. Related Skills: Select ten other skills, but three must be selected from Magic Skills. Plus select Three new skills at each of levels three, six, nine, twelve, and fifteen. All new skills start at level one proficiency.
Communications: Any (+10%)
Domestic: Any (+5%)
Electrical: Any (+15%)
Espionage: Any (+25%)
Mechanical: Any (+15%)
Medical: First Aid, Paramedic, or Holistic Medicine (Latter two count as two selections each, +5%)
Military: None
Physical: Any except non-chi-mastery using Hand to Hand Combat (See earlier in document for HTH to choose from)
Pilot: Any (+20%)
Pilot Related: Any (+10%)
Rogue: Any (+10%)
Science: Any (+30%)
Technical: Any (+20%)
W.P.: Any
Wilderness: (+10%)

Secondary Skills: The character also gets to select four secondary skills from those listed. Plus select two additional secondary skills at levels: 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, and 15, these cannot be any of the magic skills or any skills that are restricted. These are additional areas of knowledge that do not get the advantage of the bonus listed in parentheses. All secondary skills start at first level proficiency.

Standard Equipment: A-200 Symbiotic Body Armor , robe, cloak or cape, several sets of clothing, three sets of traveling clothes, knapsack, backpack, two small sacks, two large sacks, ten wooden stakes and a mallet (for vampires and other useful applications) canteen, laser distancing binoculars, tinted goggles or sunglasses, air filter and gas mask, flashlight, one-hundred feet of light weight high strength rope or cord, grappling hook, pens, pencils, note pad, sketch pad, small portable computer (if the character has the necessary skills).
Arch-Mages like techno-wizard items and will use them, but prefer the more powerful spells at their disposal.

Weapons will include a survival knife, hand axe, automatic pistol or sub-machinegun (player's choice), energy rifle, energy pistol, and several extra clips of ammunition for each.

Their vehicle of choice is usually any techno-wizardry device or hover vehicle (though they prefer grav vehicles when they can get them) or jet pack. When they are Phasing they will probably use an inexpensive vehicle like a wing board.

Money: Starts with 2D6X1000 in credit and 4D6X10000 in black market items.

Cybernetics: Starts with none and will never get any kind of augmentation, cybernetic, bionic, bio-wizard implant/augmentation, or harmful symbiote. These things will interfere with their spell casting abilities. For each implant or augmentation, reduce available P.P.E. by 20% (of the original total). Non-harmful Symbiotes can be used at their discretion, with no detrimental side-effects, even if the description states that there is a minor side-effect. The Arch-Mage's Extremely magical nature, prevents any and all minor side-effects from various symbiotes (will not prevent stat reductions of more than 4 points, but will eliminate up to 4 points worth of reduction, for all combined stats).

Numbered Notes (referred to by above text):

1 Including Chi-Magic from Mystic China though it is recommended to have the book before you even consider using this form of magic.

2 Yes, I know that Rune-Magic and Bio-Wizardry are one and the same magic form, I just wanted to be thorough.

3 Arch-Mages can use all of the circles, though they will have to spend twice the amount of P.P.E. as the summoner would have to, due to a lack of total understanding in the arts of the summoner.).

4 Stone Magic , a little creativity and a lot of trial and error (and pain) is the foundation for this particular one, see Rifts® Atlantis page 99, for details and ideas.

5 In explanation he can use any of the four forces at will, since it is not coming from, or being controlled by an elemental lord.

6 They are able to sense the "life sign" of a fellow warlock, and since Arch-Mages don't have one, they will know if you are not one of them.

7 Besides Thoth and Metamages of course.

8 Ever had a character's attempt to create a more powerful fireball blow up in his face, or maybe someone was trying to convert a scroll just to find himself waking up with a headache and a charred laboratory? ...not to mention some physical damage...

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