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Battle Star

Ever seen Battlestar Galactica? Remember the really big ship (the battlestar itself)? This ship design was created by a friend of mine named Rick V., based on the Battlestar Galactica. Rick wielded a great deal of creative license on this project, but believe me, it is playable.

Model Type: BS-08A1
Class: Carrier
Crew: 700 Officers, 4160 Enlisted, 70 Medical Personnel, 1440 Hornet Pilots, and 20 Shuttle Crews. Also has staterooms for 500 Passengers, and 50 Deluxe Accomodations.

M.D.C. By Location
Description: Quantity: M.D.C.
Medium Pulse Lasers 20 600 each
Point Defense Pulse Lasers 60 500 each
Heavy Gravitonic Turrets 60 500 each
L.R.M. Turrets 60 550 each
Fighter Launch Tubes 30 5,000 each
Fighter Bays 120 500 each
Shuttle Bays 2 10,000 each
Fighter/Shuttle Recovery Pods 2 25,000 each
Bridge 1 15,000
Auxilliary Bridge 1 15,000
Main Body 1 150,000
FTL Engines 4 25,000 each
Sub-Light Engines 2 40,000 each
Variable Force-Fields 1 100,000
Weapons Systems
Medium Pulse Lasers 10 Batteries/Groups
Double Turrets 2 Tons per Battery/Group
Damage: 8D6x200/Battery (GMs Discretion)
ROF: Standard
Range: 16 Miles (Space) 5 Miles (Atmosphere)
Point Defense Pulse Lasers 20 Batteries/Groups
Triple Turrets 3 Tons per Battery/Group
Damage: 6D6x18/Battery (GMs Discretion)
ROF: Standard
Range: 45 Miles (Space) 15 Miles (Atmosphere)
Heavy Gravitonic Cannons 20 Batteries/Groups
Double Turrets 3 Tons per Battery/Group
Damage: 2D6x300/Battery (GMs Discretion)
ROF: Standard
Range: 45 Miles (Space) 15 Miles (Atmosphere)
Payload: 4,000 Bursts 20,000 in storage
Long Range Missiles 20 Batteries/Groups
Triple Turrets 3 Tons per Battery/Group
Damage: Variable (Usually the heaviest are used)
ROF: Standard for missiles
Range: Variable
Payload: 30 per turret 3,000 in storage
Space: Mach 8 (can be increased, GMs Discretion)
Atmosphere: Limited (If you're feeling brave you can try an emergency surface landing but the ship will not take off again, unless the surface gravity is less than .7 Earth Gravity, no landing gear, try to land in the water. The ship will float if you land it reasonably intact... No Hull Breaches!!! Don't expect to launch any fighters or shuttles once in the water, I suggest doing so before you enter atmosphere, all of them should be launched, because you will need them for transportation and evacuation, if necessary.)
Grav-Drive: FTL 6/HR
Statisical Data
Height: 500 feet
Width: 1,000 Feet
Pods: 500 Feet Additional
Length: 5,000 Feet
Weight: 1,000,000 Tons
Cargo: 100,000 Tons
50' Tall
500' Feet Wide
2000' Feet Long
Life Support
Duration: 2 Years, Double if rationed (food only, atmosphere and water are essentially unlimited)
Power: 50 Year Anti-Matter
Cost: 30,000,000,000 CR (+100,000,000,000 CR with Full Military Equipment)

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