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The Main Complex of The Arcanum

Welcome to our Sanctuary.


The City of Sanctuary

Terrain and Climate: Ranges from 30 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter, and 70 to 95 in the summer. Average annual rainfall is 50 inches, and 0 to 2 inches of snow.

Land area: Sanctuary covers a 90,000 square mile (232,999.29 sq. km or an area about 382 miles in diameter) area and is surrounded by low rolling hills, gigantic mountains (about 100 miles away), colorful deserts (about 75 miles away at the closest point), dense forests (everywhere, except the deserts, and the densest parts of the cities), and many medium to large cities (altogether they add about 100 million to the total population of Sanctuary, not including the large number of visitors entertained yearly by each city)

Population: 10 million (20% of which are able to wield magic in some form or another)

The single largest city controlled by The Arcanum, as well as the oldest. sanctuary is the creation of over 100,000 mages of various types, from your humble Wizard to the mightiest Arch-Mage. Some say the city is located in a small sub-dimension, others think it is a dream realm made real. Whatever it is, it has been around for untold thousands of years.

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