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Welcome to my Macross II page, well, at least that's what it was before it became PALLADIUM: SPACE, as always this site is intended for those roleplayers who enjoy the diversity of the Palladium, and White Wolf ® RPG systems and are interested in all aspects of those two systems. I'm revising the entire site, so please bear with me. This site is (as always) constantly under construction (though it may look the same for months on end. ;)

For those who are wondering where the White Wolf® stuff is... There isn't any, yet. My knowledge of White Wolf ® is limited, I have never run a game, just played. Submissions are always welcome, if anyone is interested. If I get any, I'll create a seperate 'Webzone' for it. So please, if you have some ideas on White Wolf ® that you want to see on the web, let me know.

I would like to personallythank everyone who has helped my site to grow, but since this isthe internet, I guess a note will have to do:

To all who have visited.

I thank you for helping to make my site better with your suggestions, constructive criticism, submissions, and email.

To Chris Curtis:

Thank you for supplying the start code for my WebRing, I finally have a final draft.

To Everyone:

Welcome to Palladium: Space, make yourselves at home, and feel free to submit any ideas or suggestions you may have. The more, the merrier. I can always find more webspace... And I have, Please feel free to check out this site's mirror at (, this site will be moving there in the not too distant future (just think, no popups!).

E-mail me at:

Here are some links to some other cool space related sites...

If you would like to know more about the Rifts ®, Palladium®, and White Wolf® RPG's, please follow the next two links to their respective sites.

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