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Magic Section

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This page provides links to all magic information and O.C.C.s that exist on this page. There are also brief descriptions for your convenience. Updated after Spring Break of '97 from 250,000 bytes to just under 400,000 bytes. Note: This is undergoing another revision (a slow one), so check back from time to time.

art by Keith Parkinson

Text Files

This directory holds the magic- related files that I have not revised/HTMLized for the page.

Character Classes

Animal Shaman O.C.C.: Mages that keep to the forests, away from the majority of mankind who has embraced technology and society.

Dabbler O.C.C.: Unlike the lazy neophytes, these masters of magic have dedicated themselves to the pursuit of magical knowledge. They have learned things that most normal magicians can never achieve. Revised on 4/6/97.

Cyber-mystic O.C.C.: One of the very first character classes I posted on my page. Cyber-mystics have magic and technology melded together and have found enlightenment through them. Revised on 3/25/97.

Enchanter O.C.C.: This class of characters specializes in the fabrication of magical items and potions.

Metamage O.C.C.: Recently revised to fit RiftsR better. The power level is dropped down some from the original file. Revised on 3/25/97.

Neophyte O.C.C.: These characters are your lazy mages, your gang magicians, apprentices, and undisciplined students of the art that have learned a bit of magic and use it for their own means. Revised on 4/6/97

Schattenjager O.C.C.: Shadow hunters that are gifted with supernatural powers, which they use to hunt and destroy whatever evil they may find.


Animal Shaman Spells: These are the magic spells used most frequently by the Animal Shaman O.C.C.

Aspect Magic: These are techniques that allow magicians to temporarily or permanently sacrifice magical energy to gain special powers!

New Battle Mage Spells: These are several special spells that characters of the Smoker O.C.C. can select and use in combat.

New Blue Flame Spells: These are additional Blue Flame spells that can be used to round out your Larhold shamans.

New Magic Circles: 'Nuff said.

New Common Spells: This is a listing of about 20 new spells that can be used in any based game. These are spells that I believe you will all find quite useful - about half of them are attack spells and I even pulled a few important spells out of other books.

New Illusion Spells: All this page's illusionary magic.

Listing of Magical Goods: A file full of things that magicians might find useful.

New Magic Rituals: 'Nuff said again.

Metamage Spells: The special spells of the Metamage O.C.C. have been updated and cleansed of errors and bad HTML.

New Necromancer Spells: Additional spells to give your necromancers, so that they don't suck so bad. If you're looking for even more information on these characters, be sure to check out The Official Palladium Necromancer's Guild.

New Notes on Magic: Includes slang that magicians use, a better way of resolving save throws against illusions, magic destabilization with a better explanation, spell design, and special skills that magicians can select!

Rune Tattoos: Rune tattoos are non-permanent writings that can bestow magical powers on an object or living creature for a limited duration.

Spells of the Magi: Spells that studious magicians find useful.

Spells of Night and Shadows: These are all spells based on darkness, shadows, and the absence of light.

Texts on Magic: This is a brief listing of books that magicans can acquire.