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Metamage O.C.C.

Created by Brett Hegr
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The metamage is a magician who specializes in manipulating magical energies beyond the norm. The art is very uncommon and practioners are limited to ancient beings, great magicians, evil wizards, and their respective apprentices. Due to the nature of magical energies, these magicians can destroy themselves if not careful. Some have not been careful. Only the best metamages learn the greatest secrets of magic. Once attaining that power, many succumb to the corruption it brings and give meaning to the phrase "mad mage." That knowledge makes them one of the most feared, most powerful, and most dangerous magicians in the known Megaverse.

The metamage is a very powerful O.C.C. with many special abilities. GMs should certainly modify it if they wish to include it in their campaign but feel it is too powerful. I created this O.C.C. because I felt the possibilities of magic had not been explored in this way, and I wanted to see an O.C.C. out there that could give one lone magician the ability to take on enemies single handedly and come out on top. Also, this O.C.C. would give an excellent player a chance to portray a powerful wizard and be very creative with the character's abilities. I would suggest this O.C.C. be made avaliable only to players that GMs think would do it justice and not become a magic wielding hackn'slasher. The advent of magic destablization was an attempt to try and limit the power of metamages. GMs can use any means they feel necessary to add to this limit.

Special Abilities of Metamages:

1. Sense Ley Lines and Magic Energy: Equal in ability to the Ley Line Walker tm O.C.C. powers on page 83 of the Rifts R RPG. 2. Spell Attacks: This is an extra attack that allows the player to cast a spell (and only a spell) without taking up hand to hand attacks (though they can use hand to hand attacks to cast spells also). This spell attack can only be combined with a hand to hand attack, allowing a mage to cast a metaspell and a normal spell within the time frame of one normal attack. Or, conversely, the mage can cast a spell in defense using a spell attack (maybe using Catchspell or Negate Magic). If a metamage has more than one spell attack availiable per melee, they may only use one at a time. With these attacks, metamage can cast more spells faster than other mages. At level one, a metamage has one spell attack per melee. Add an additional spell attack at levels four, nine, and fourteen. 3. Damage Boost: With their extensive knowledge of magic formulae, metamages can enhance the damage done by their attacking spells. He can increase a spell's damage by one die per 5 P.P.E. tm At first level, the metamage can only increase damage by a maximum of two dice. Add one more die at levels three, five, eight, ten, twelve, and fifteen. The magic skill of Charging is similar to this ability, but this is much simpler and less dangerous. GMs might allow the Smoker O.C.C. to possess this ability also, since it is somewhat appropriate. 4. Extend Spell Duration: Metamages can bend and warp magical energy easily. They can also extend it with the same ease. The metamage spell Extend is similar to this ability, but is much more powerful. Instant effect spells cannot be maintained, only spells with a duration. Any spell of a level less than or equal to that of the metamage can be extended to a duration of five minutes per level of experience. Essentially, drop the listed spell duration and use this one instead. This ability cannot affect spells with a duration longer than five minutes per level. 5. Initial Spell Knowledge: The player may choose two magic spells from each level one through six, for a total of twelve spells. At least two selections must be attack spells and two must be illusion spells. Select any five metamage spells except Nexus Manipulation and Alter Magical Stability. The player may also select three magic spells from levels 7 to 12. These are usually metamage spells but could also be necromancy spells, temporal magic, or normal spell magic. The metamage begins with an arsenal of twenty spells! For every additional level of experience gained the mage can select any one new metamagic spell (except Nexus Manipulation and Alter Magic Stability), or two common spells of an equal or lesser level than the character. 6. Learning New Spells: Metamages can learn magic in the normal fashion, and are also able to learn any kind of magic spell that can be learned. This means biomancy and warlock spells are out (unless the mage selects Mystic Meditation), but magic circles, diabolism, temporal magic, and similar forms of magic can be acquired. The mage can also develop his own spells with the proper skills . 7. P.P.E. tm : The metamage is able to draw upon more P.P.E. tm when first starting than any other magician known, a result of their constant manipulation of magical energies. They have a base P.P.E. tm of 1d6x10+90 in addition to the P.E. attribute, and gain +2d6+3 per level of experience. They also recover 7 P.P.E. tm per hour of rest/ sleep and 12 P.P.E. tm per hour while meditating. 8. Attribute Bonuses: Add +2 to P.E. and +2 to M.A. 9. O.C.C. Bonuses: Add +1 to spell strength at levels 2, 4, 6, and 8. Add +1 to save vs magic at levels 1, 2, 4, and 6. Also add a +3 vs horror factor. More bonuses are gained if the hand to hand form Nikar Lo is selected.

Attribute Requirements: An I.Q. of 14 and M.E. of 12 are neccessary to become a metamage. Any race that has full speech capabilities and can meet the attribute requirements may become a metamage.
Alignment: Any, but tend to be selfish.
Experience Point Table: Use the table for Techno-wizards tm or the Nightbane tm and Guardian table if you're playing with the Nightbane tm RPG.
O.C.C. Skills:
Speak/Literate in Native Language (98%)
Choose one language (+20%)
Math: Basic (+20%)
Lore: Magic (+20%)
Computer Operation (+20%) or Chemistry (+20%) (pick one)
W.P. Staff or W.P. Knife (pick one)
Choose two Science or Technical skills (+20%)
Choose two Magic skills (+10%)

Hand to Hand: Basic may be selected at the cost of one other skill, or Hand to Hand: Nikar Lo at the cost of three other skills. These are the only avaliable selections. Physical combat is not the preffered means of dealing with an enemy for metamages.
O.C.C. Related Skills: The player may choose seven skills from the categories listing below and apply the stated bonus. The player may select one more skill at levels four and eight, which begin at base level (in addition to the bonus).
Communications: Radio: Basic only (+5%).
Domestic: Any
Electrical: Basic Electronics only.
Espionage: Any except Sniper, Disguise, Impersonation, and Intelligence.
Magic: Any (+10%), but Alchemy and Spellcrafting count as two other skills and Mystic Herbology counts as three other skills (plus the character must give up one of his O.C.C. abilities, either #3 or #4).
Medical: First Aid only (+5%).
Mechanical: Basic Mechanics only.
Military: None
Physical: Any except Boxing, Gymnastics, and Acrobatics.
Pilot: Any except Pilot: Robots & Power Armor and Robot Combat skills.
Pilot Related: Any
Rogue: Any
Science: Any (+15%)
Technical: Any (+10%)
Weapon Proficiencies: Any
Wilderness: Any
Secondary Skills: The player may select four skills from the category listing above, but may not apply the given bonus.
Standard Equipment: Two hooded cloaks or robes, a set of dress attire, a couple sets of travelling clothes, leather boots, knapsack, backpack, silver cross, mirror, magnifying glass, flashlight, a few blank log books and some writing implements, three scroll cases, ten unbreakable specimen containers, a few scalpels, a PC-3000 Hand Held Computer (page 247 of the Rifts R RPG) or laptop computer, and a gas mask or air filter. Contemporary characters get a part-time job, a nice place to live, either a laptop or a personal computer, and a non-new vehicle. Both contemporary and Rifts R characters have 9+1d6 books and 3d4x1000 in magic components .
Weapons and Armor: The character begins with a silver-plated dagger (1d6 S.D.C. tm damage), a walking staff (1d8 S.D.C. tm damage), and one energy weapon and one non-energy weapon of choice (1d4 clips for each). The player may also choose one suit of light armor. Metamages tend to prefer light firearms, energy pistols, short swords, knives, and quarterstaves.
Vehicle: Metamages have no vehicular preferences - they'll ride in whatever is avaliable but generally prefer magical means of transportation. They do not start out with a means of transportation.
Money: A metamage begins with 1d6x1000 in credit and 3d4x1000 credits worth of black market items. Don't forget, these mages have rare abilities and many are not opposed to using them for personal gain. They also tend to hoard their valuables, much like dragons do.
Cybernetics/Bionics: Never get bionics, and few consider cybernetics to replace lost limbs or organs. Even bio-systems make these mages wary. Many would rather lose a limb than an ounce of magical power.

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