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New Weapons

If you would like to submit any ideas for anything let me know.

Gatling Railgun

A fine weapon designed by my friend Rick, and developed a bit by me. It's great for pure Rifts campaigns involving Borgs and other super strong types. It's also a great vehicle mounted weapon.Those with a P.S. of less than 24 will be at -3 (do not add bonuses) to fire this weapon, unless it is vehicle mounted due to the weapon's weight, and still considerable recoil.

Ba-001 Gatling railgun
Damage: 2D4X10, 2D6X10 with AP Tungsten or Tungsten Coated Magnesium.
Range: 4000'
Rate of fire: Burst of 50 only, otherwise standard.
Weight of gun: 75 lbs
Weight of drum:
355 lbs for normal rounds
169 lbs for T.C.M. rounds
845 lbs for AP Tungsten rounds, which explains why they're not used often, especially considering that T.C.M. rounds do the same damage, but weigh less.
Bonuses: +2 to strike, due to excellent balance, and a well made recoil suppression unit.
Payload: 5000 rounds in any of the above drums (100 bursts per drum).

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