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Step #5: Important Notes
  1. Many of us have creations made by other people on our pages. Please make sure you have permission from the original author to display works that are not your own. It is only polite and common courtesy to ask someone before you use something of theirs.
  2. If you find that one of your creations is being used without permission, please be civil about it. Email the site owner explaining the problem, and either ask them to credit the work correctly (and to ask first in the future) or to remove it from their site. If you are nice about it, most people will have no problem complying with your request.
  3. If someone approaches you about a file of theirs that you have displayed on your site, please be reasonable. Many people (myself included) like to keep a fairly tight leash on their creations. Often it is acceptable to link to the file on their site instead of having it reside on your site. This way you are also guaranteed to have the latest version of the file.
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