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Step #1: Entry Requirements

To join the Palladium: Space Webring, your site must meet the following requirements:

The page must already exist and have content on it. (You cannot submit pages that have not been created yet.)

The page must be somehow related to the Palladium: Space Genre, it must have some Palladium Rules Based space related content (NASA photos and things like that do not count).

The page must publicly display a copy of Palladium Books' Legal Disclaimer.

The page must follow the guidelines set forth in Palladium Books' Internet Policy

The page must contain an absolute minimum of three original game-related files.

The page must not contain broken links or broken graphics.

The page must be noncommercial in nature.

If you have questions about a specific item, please contact the Ring Manager.

Note that if you apply to The Palladium: Space Webring, and your page does not meet all of the requirements set forth above, The Palladium: Space Webring reserves the right to remove your page from the queue with or without notifying you. Please make sure your page qualifies before you apply!

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