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Brian E. Turner
350 South 59th Lane #49
Kansas City, KS 66111
(913) 362-5891 (Message)

Permanent Career Objective
I am interested in an entry-level position that will challenge me, while allowing me to gain experience in Information Technology or Information Systems.

Work experience
1996 - 1999

Strategic Staffing Specialists
Overland Park, Kansas
September, 1997-- May, 1998

I worked for Strategic Staffing Specialists as a Temporary Agent for a short while. While I was with them I worked at a company that packaged computer software.

Encore Staffing Services
Overland Park, Kansas
July, 1997- May, 1998

While I worked for Encore, I was involved in a number of different positions at various client companies. The positions I had ranged from running a newspaper-bag-stuffing machine, to loading and unloading boxes.

American Commercial Security Services
Portland, Oregon
November, 1996- June, 1997

With American Commercial Security Services, I performed security operations at a number of locations in the Portland metropolitan area. My last assignment before coming to Kansas was at a retirement facility, where I handled security operations for three buildings.

1993 - 1999

Portland Community College
Portland, Oregon

While I was in Portland, I took a class in the use of AutoCad Release 12. In this class I received a GPA of 4.0. Since I came to Kansas I have had the opportunity to teach myself how to repair, upgrade, troubleshoot, and configure personal computers to a good level of proficiency.
I also have taught myself how to code in HTML, the language of web pages, to a reasonable level of proficiency, using HTML-Editing programs.
I am also reasonably proficient at coding HTML using Notepad and Netscape Navigator.

Almost all of my hobbies are computer related. I like to surf the web, create my personal web pages, test alpha and beta software, and generally do anything and everything possible to learn as much about new computing technology as I can.