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Palladium: Space Revision History

(for those who are interested in this sort of thing...)


There are a few new things on this site...

09-01-1999. I have added new graphics, and deleted some graphics that were increasing the download time too much (Chris, You were right :).

09-01-1999. I have started to fill out the various New *____* areas, please give them a look.

09-01-1999. I have started to standardize things like the font, background color, text, etc...

09-01-1999. I have started to keep track of the changes I make (hence this section).

09-02-1999. I have gotten rid of the Suggestion Box., and included it under Submit Ideas, since all of the info will be going to the same place anyway. Started work on various new pages.

09-03-1999. I added a link to the lead page so that this site could comply more closely to Palladium's Internet Policies. I also continued work on the various new HTML files (such as the NightShade, under New Ship Designs).

09-04-1999 Continuing work on new HTML files, added a new page to the site, revision.html (this page, it was originally on indexa.html, but decided to give it its own page).

11-24-2000 Continuing work on the site, after a long absence, will update the various "New _____" files, add some spells, armor, mecha, and who knows what else.