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New Ship Designs

If you would like to submit any ideas for anything let me know.

Battle Star
A ship design based on the TV show "Battle Star Galactica", but heavily modified to fit in the Phase World Universe (can also be modified to fit in the Macross II Universe, with a little work). Created by Rick V.

Battle Cruiser (This one's not in yet, I haven't had time to convert it to HTML format.)
Another ship created by my friend Rick. He was a very proficient ship designer at the time this ship was originally written. This ship design is meant as a light to medium cruiser, used mostly for exploring semi-hostile to unknown and/or distant star systems, border defense, and other "frontier" duties.

A fighter created by Rick. It is deployed by the two previous ships. Considered small, fast and deadly. Similar in design to the Shadowbolt fighter of the UWW, except the wings are swept back, and it doesn't look like it was based on a failed entry for the BatPlane.

If you want the ultimate runner ship, this is the one. It has the firepower of a small cruiser, the maneuverability of a fighter, and an unheard-of top speed of FTL 12! It's top sublight speed is also the highest one known: .6c without engaging 'overdrive', .99c when 'overdrive' is engaged. You want flexibility? You have it... But there's a price, 4 billion credits and it's yours (6 billion for the 'enhanced version', which includes: regenerative capabilities, magical sensing -as a 10th level line walker-, heavier armor, and an advanced stealth mode). Created by Mhordoch.

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