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Again, make sure the Web Ring HTML code fragment is in the correct place. It should be placed on your main page. It should not be placed on a "links", "webring", or any other type of sub-page. Note that even after your page has been added to the ring, if your HTML fragment 'breaks' or if it is moved off of your main page, the RingChecker will automatically remove your site from the Ring!

Once you have verified that your HTML fragment is correct, email the Ring Manager stating that you have submitted your site to the queue and that the fragment is inserted into your page. The Ring Manager will then look over your page, and e-mail you whether or not you may join the ring. If the manager feels your site does not meet the requirements or if they find something wrong, the Ring Manager will explain why and try to give suggestions.

If your site meets all of the requirements, the HTML is written correctly, and everything else looks good, you will be added to the ring and you will receive a confirmation message from the Ring Server. After that, watch your traffic increase! 8-)

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